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Susan Elise Wilcox launched SEW Consulting in 2011 to collaborate with youth and adults, organizers and educators, researchers and funders to develop initiatives, activities and materials that are informed

by collective knowledge, creative visioning and a deep commitment to justice.

Susan worked with our team in the initial draft of our curriculum for our leadership program. She is a consummate professional, a deep listener, and produced a product for us that met our needs beautifully. While the product has evolved as the work has evolved, her contributions were invaluable as we developed this approach. I highly recommend her as a consultant for curriculum and program design.  Gail C. Christopher I visionary & architect, W.K. Kellogg Foundation's Truth Racial Healing & Transformation initiative

Susan is a phenomenal facilitator and strategist working at the intersection of the arts, popular education, and organizational development. I’ve had the privilege of partnering with her across a range of settings, from planning international education initiatives as a community organizer, to developing strategic retreats and partnerships. She magnifies and strengthens every project she takes on through her rigorous curiosity. She brings both big picture thinking, while also being incredibly process oriented and deeply attuned to the specific nuances of each context she is supporting. As an artist herself, she infuses her approach with opportunities for “art thinking” that allow for truly transformative experiences.

Adjoa Jones de Almeida I founding executive director, Forman Arts Institute

Susan is a transformer.  She led our team through a process of collaborative creation. The year after we finished our work with Susan, our program was recognized by the White House as one of the top 10 out-of-school programs in the nation. I know for a fact that our work with her got us there.  Whatever she touches is changed – more powerful, more impactful and more purposeful.

Robyne Walker Murphy I nonprofit leader, cultural curator & former executive director, Groundswell NYC

​Susan is unlike any other person in her field. When you think about a curriculum developer, you often think about a translator or a transcriber - someone with the technical ability to take your words and convert them into another language or format.  We call Susan the master interpreter.  She has the magic ability to hear your dreams, imagination, hopes, and rhythms and shape them into something that can belong to everyone. She understands culture, art AND education and can bring them all together to create a fuller expression of the work you are putting out into the world.  Working with Susan was so affirming - both the process and the final product. She made us feel so incredibly seen and heard. 

Aida Cuadrado Bozzo & Trish Adobea Tchume, Calling in & Up Pedagogy

Susan has an incisive approach to organizational strategy, and her knowledge of social justice education and keen understanding of the dynamic contexts in which social change organizations work cannot be overstated. She facilitated an effort to operationalize our new mission and strategic plan. Her embedded approach built off the team’s existing expertise and was a refreshing contrast to more traditional consultancies. The result is a set of programs and processes tightly aligned with our core values and historic best practices, and the creation of an array of frameworks and rubrics that have been integrated into our ongoing planning.​

Candice Anderson I executive director, Cool Culture

Susan is the quintessential educator, a leader who has mastered the art of teaching. Whether designing leadership programs and curriculum for schools and youth organizations, facilitating workshops on critical social issues, or training educators on best practices, she is a true expert. Equally impactful in a university classroom, a community organization, or mentoring one-on-one, Susan has the ability to connect with people, tapping into their natural love of learning and encouraging them to develop their moral compass, critical thinking and potential. 

Jason Warwin I co-founder, The Brotherhood/Sister Sol

It’s no exaggeration to state that Susan is one of the most innovative thinkers in education and human development. She has this elegant ability to succinctly and lovingly guide widely different perspectives in pursuit of a collective goal, whether it be young people, adult teachers, artists, or academics. She starts with each person’s humanity and the brilliance folds out from there generously.

Leigh Patel I educator, writer, sociologist



Select recent & upcoming happenings

March 2024 - workshop facilitator for Brooklyn Arts Leadership Collaborative bringing together BIPOC leaders of arts organizations to help strengthen bonds among historically under-resourced communities. 

August to October 2023 - Ghanaian Youth + Environmental Artivism (G-Yea!) with Rebecca Oheneasah in partnership with Accra Girls' Senior High School. Partially funded by Citizen Diplomacy Action Fund.  

September 2019-September 2022 – Fulbright-Hays Group Projects Abroad (Teachers Becoming Learners of Cultural & Linguistic Diversity in Ghana ) with Jamila Lyiscott, Keisha Green & Esther Ohito - check out Go Global ED Podcast


July 2021 – World Conference on Transformative Education Annual Conference: The Future of Africa and the Role of Transformative Education (University of Cape Coast, Ghana) - panel presentation entitled Critical Literacies Across Two Continents: Teachers as Cross-Cultural Learners and Agents of Transformative Literacy Education with Jamila Lyiscott, Keisha Green & Esther Ohito

July 2021 – Free Minds Free People (Virtual) - a bi-annual conference bringing together youth, organizers, teachers, parents & researchers to build solutions to and a movement around pressing educational issues. Coordinated online publication of Remembering Our Future (an exhibit that reflects on the conference's history and future); member of Coordinating and Communication Committees


21-23 April 2021 – Black at the Center: Launch of the Center of Racial Justice & Youth Engaged Research (virtual), University of Massachusetts, Amherst.


4-6 December 2020 – 10th International Conference on Education & Social Justice (virtual) - Critical Literacies for Social Justice Across Two Continents: Teachers as Cross-Cultural Learners and Agents of Transformative Literacy Education paper presentation with Esther Ohito, Jamila Lyiscott, Keisha Green, Damaris Dunn, Keeyah Hicks, Robyn Wilkes, Pam Segura, Barbara Heyward, Jasmine Hoskins, Ashley Okwuazi, Sabine Jacques, Megan Myrie & Danie Marshall

15-16 July 2020 – Festival Curator (USA) for Accra Indie Film Festival (virtual edition)

27-30 August 2019 – Nneka Youth Foundation World Changers Camp (Ve Agobome, Volta Region, Ghana) - On-site participation at and consulting for an enrichment program targeting rural junior high school aged youth


11-14 July 2019 – Free Minds Free People (Minneapolis/St. Paul) - Coordinated launch of 12 Years Free!, an installation and reflection on the conference's history and future; member of Coordinating and Documentation & Evaluation Committees

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If you would like to discuss a potential project with 

SEW Consulting, please send a brief description of

your interest and request to

sewilcox7 [at]

Include your affiliation and general timeframe.

Thank you.

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