For young readers and cultural explorers, The Hand Book is a collection of photographic stories that convey African/African Diasporan culture in particular, and more generally, inspire reflection on the ties that bond us as human beings. 

A quick look into Content, Perspective, Dialogue model 

“. . . . a practical, insightful and accessible guide that will prove particularly relevant to those who work with students in urban schools and communities.”

Pedro Noguera

”  . . . . not only an instructional roadmap, but a moral compass for working with Black and Latino/a students as if they matter.”  

A. Lin Goodwin


“A must read for all who are involved in adolescent development [and] work to close the achievement gap.”

Sabrina Hope King 

Featured in:

Teach Freedom, Education for Liberation in the African-American Tradition (edited by Charles M. Payne & Carol Strickland) and

Listening to and Learning from Students, Possibilities in Teaching, Learning and Curriculum (edited by Brian D. Schultz and winner of the 2013 Society of Professors of Education Book Award).


Also see: Edquity & Excellence in Education, After School Matters; Schools in the Middle: Theory into Practice, and The Sophist’s Ban, The Journal of the Society of Professors of Education

1-3-cover, intro, philosphy-2nd printing

. . . a gift that is urgently needed. . . . It is not a quick fix, not a simple recipe, but it is a workable investment that will empower teachers to teach and students to learn, all students.

Ruth Charney

. . . has the 'flava,' power and demonstrated street cred to transform young people through a thorough exploration of community, culture, history - and self.

Reverend Alfonso Wyatt

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