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With decades of experience cultivating liberatory education initiatives in and outside of the United States, Susan Wilcox launched SEW Consulting to collaborate in the creation of humanizing pedagogy and practice. Using education as a tool for knowledge, social, creative, and spiritual development, SEW Consulting works across disciplines, settings and issues. Below are examples of this work encompassing:

  • Program & curriculum development that translates mission, practice and values into accessible, replicable formats

  • Ethnographic research that merges disciplines in exploring indigenous and popular culture, memory and meaning

  • Professional training, staff development & meeting facilitation that enhances participants’ skills, promotes strong partnerships (e.g., youth–adult, community–school, cross-cultural), and supports introspection, collaboration and goal-setting

  • Research and evaluation that leads to deepening understanding, defining core values, developing logic models and identifying/implementing new initiatives

Guiding staff of DreamYard Project and Cool Culture arts organizations in development and implementation of their social justice framework


Coaching organization leaders in program, staff and infrastructure development for Atlantic Fellows for Racial Equity, Black Visions MN, Center for Racial Justice and Youth Engaged Research (UMass Amherst), Moving Windmills (Malawi), Nellie Mae Educational Foundation (for Corajus), Nneka Youth Foundation (Afienya, Ghana) and Youth First Justice Collaborative.

Facilitating staff retreats and critical dialogues for Brooklyn Museum Education Department; Community Legal Services of Philadelphia; Care, Not Control (coalition to end youth incarceration); Groundswell NYC; NYCoRE (New York Collective of Radical Educators); RISE Together Mentorship Network; and The Village of Arts & Humanities

Developing curriculum and pedagogy for Community Change (Women of Color programs for leaders), Goddard-Riverside Community Center, Institute for Education & Social Policy (Youth Organizing Institute) & other schools and foundations


Designing/conducting mixed method research to assess and document practices or identify core values for Atlantic Fellows for Racial Equity, Children’s Television Workshop, The Robert Bowne Foundation, School Development Program, and Teachers & Writers Collaborative

Co-founding Free Minds Free People (bi-annual international education for liberation conference) and organizing/facilitating a convening of youth organizing groups from Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, South Africa and United States for The Atlantic Philanthropies

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